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Geographic Information Workflows




Webmaps I built using freeware on the web, in reverse chronologic order:

  • Countries by ISO code and fun with local jokes posted by country
  • Knights Templars sites by year with driving directions & instructions
    - prototype of the web map incorporated in the Templar site map index
  • Map of the Olympic host cities by year color-coded by event season
  • Where in the World was Andrew then?
  • Where in the World is Andrew now (Google Earth insert)
  • Openlayers: Natural Resources Canada WMS Atlas and Polar maps
        (source maps (re)moved, but images kept here under Web Maps & Arc Explorer)

  • Some other sources in alphabetical order:

  • Archaeogeek ("GIS on a USB stick") 
  • MapServer (Open Source web maps) 
  • GIScloud (only vector web mapping) 
  • MapCentia (web stack on Amazon)
  • Just for fun:

  • Andrew's former homes in Dallas TX (pan right) and Redlands CA, USA


    Send mail to andrew (at) zolnai.ca with questions or comments about this web site.
    Last modified: 04 Apr 2015