Andrew's Essays

Real-estate roller-coaster, essay

Islam then and now, excerpt

Personal Manifest, essay

Lesson in Life, essay

Scenes of SW France, slideshow - diaporama
(888 Kb, requires Microsoft PowerPoint viewer)

Passing Generation, essay

Souls shades and Dali's drawers, essay

Scarcity Mentality, essay

Hurricane Relief, Toastmasters speech

How the Odor stole the Fridge, parody

From  Russia with Love, essay

Redlands Morn, essay

Data Center Fire!, essay

Arctic Islands Summer, essay 

Northern Ontario Summer, essay 

Rig to computeR, index

US border crossing stories, note

Andrew's Life Story, index

Selected Bibliography, index

Install international keyboard layout

Davey's unofficial RC glossary

Screenshot of Andrew's first website

In bold are essays inspired by Re-evaluation Counselling
In italics are those inspired by my interest in early history