Cambridge, Hallow'een / All Hallows Eve, 2007 - I was recently subject of a wrongful dismissal, and chose to settle out of court no small thanks to my counseling and my allies. British labor law also gave me help, compared with what happened in America two years ago, when having no civic rights on a working visa I returned to England. Here is what I learned.


My biggest lesson is a reframing of my view of myself: I think I am organised but not disciplined; I now see that being organised is good, it keeps my life in order and shows respect for myself and for others. Lack of discipline is however a distress, something I have to work on to regain my self-confidence. And working on my issues as an immigrant and a professional - not to cower, and to stay visible - are my current pieces of work with my family, allies and friends.


1-2: overwork and kill-or-be-killed (we are conditioned to work ourselves to death, or to attack each other unto death)
3:    third male oppressor, isolation (we are conditioned not to seek assistance, and to tough it out alone like a cowboy)
4:    fourth male oppressor, cut-off discharge (we are conditioned not to show emotion, not to cry or not to feel anything)