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, democracyandregulation.com
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English Al-jazeera, english.aljazeera.net
Kate Mosse - Labyrith, www.mosselabyrinth.co.uk
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, www.nerc.com
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All the President's Men, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, Bloomsbury, 1998
Best Democarcy Money can buy, The, Greg Palast, Plume, 2003
(England: Best Democarcy Money can buy, The, Greg Palast, Constable & Robinson, 2003)
City of Quartz, Mike Davis, Vintage, 1992
Clash of Fundamentalisms, The, Tariq Ali, Verso, 2002
Media Control, Noam Chomsky, Seven Stories, 2002
One Market under God, Thomas Frank, Vintage, 2002
Personal History, Katharine Graham, Vintage, 1998
Shrub, Molly Ivins, Lou Dubose, Vintage, 2000
Two Faces of Islam, The, Stephen Schwartz, Doubleday, 2002
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1776, David McCullough, Simon & Schuster, 2005
Arabian Destiny
, Edward Henderson, Motivate, 1988
Democracy in America, Alexis de Tocqueville, Bantam (translated), 2000
La Pérouse
, Hans-Otto Meissner, Perrin, 1988
(Die vershollene Schiffe des Lapérouse, Berstelsman, 1984)
La Salle and the discovery of the Great  West, Francis Parkman, Random House, 1985
Paris 1919, Margaret Macmillan, Random House, 2003
(England: Peacemakers, Margaret Macmillan, John Murray, 2005)
Peace to end all Peace, A, David Fromkin, Owl Books, 2001
People’s History of the United States, A, Howard Zinn, Harper Collins, 2003
Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T. E. Lawrence, Doubleday, 1935
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Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner, Element, 1996
Cambridge Companion to Ockham, P.V. Spade (Ed.), Cambridge U. Press, 1999
Civilization of the Middle Ages, The, Norman F. Cantor, Harper Collins, 1993
Croisades vue par les Arabes, Les, Amin Maalouf, J'ai Lu, 1989
Holy Place, The, Henry Lincoln, Corgi Books, 1991
Knights Templar in Britain
, Evelyn Lord, Pearson Longman, 2004
Knights Templar, The, Stephen Howarth, Macmillan, 1982
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One Thousand Years, Péter Hanák (Ed.), Corvina, 1988
Pour un autre moyen âge, Jacques Le Goff, Gallimard, 1977
Quand l'Islam était aux portes de Pyrénées, Pierre Tucoo-Chala, J&D Editions, 1994
Search of the Knights Templar, In, Simon Broughton, Orion, 2006
Templar Revelation, The, Lynn Pickett and Clive Prince, Bantam, 1997
Temple and the Lodge, The, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, Arrow, 1998
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Celtes, Les, Sabatino Moscati (Ed.), Stock, 1997
Chalice and the Blade, The, Riane Eisler, Harper and Row, 1988
Complete Gospels, The, Robert J. Miller (Ed.)., Harper, 1994
Jesus Papers, The
, Michael Baigent, Harper Element, 2006
Secret du treizième apôtre, Le, Michel Benoît, Albin Michel, 2006
(England: Thirteenth Apostle, The, Michel Benoît, Alma, 2007)