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Web Changes

  • Retired this site after 22 years, see home page
  • New presentations with videos at four shows!
  • New Medium Channel for professional posts
  • New landing page for zolnai.ca business
  • Updated article under Presentations
  • Started a dynamic blog to replace this website
  • Started sharing professional news on Twitter
  • Added my newest talks and papers to SlideShare
  • Co-authored new articles in industrial trade magazine
  • On-going new poems posted on the old poetry page
  • The original home page dating from Jul'96 retired here
  • Banner pictures: web map examples, see more here:
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Polar historic mapping and exhibit contribution

Open Data on Polar Historic Maps, workshop inspired by Facebook Group: Rembering the Franklin Expedition, which also led to contributing an old poem, Northwest Passage at the John Rae Exhibit at Stromness, Orkney Islands and/or at the National Maritime Museum in London



AAPG Visiting Geoscientist (Szeged, Coventry)

 Simple Workflow to Populate PPDM Tables from Well Files and Post on a Map, workshop



European Petroleum GIS Conference (London)

 New Public Data and Web Disaster Response Platform Helps Engage All Affected Communities, presentation



AGI GeoCom17 (London)

 To grid or not to grid, presentation, thank you letter & Conference Overview: "challenged delegates to think about the developments of spatial grids and the structure of spatial data models"  



FindingPetroleum Decommissioning - the D Word (London)

 Improving the Information Supply Chain for Decommissioning, presentation & video, go down to 10:30



FME User Conference (Vancouver)

 Postal address cleanup - two unusual FME Workbench applications, presentation and video


FME World Tour (London)

 Postal address cleanup - two unusual FME Workbench applications, presentation



PETEX Future Working Zone (London)

 Information Supply Chain to increase your E&P Digital Quotient, presentation



PESGB Data Management Symposium (London)

 Unified On-line Dashboards to preserve your Business IP, presentation



FindingPetroleum Transforming Subsurface Science (London)

 Mind Mapping on Steroids, presentation

2015, 2016 


AAPG Visiting Geoscientist (Budapest, Coventry)

 Simple Workflow to Populate PPDM Tables from Well Files and Post on a Map, workshop



PPDM Foundations (online)

 Simple Workflow to Populate PPDM Tables from Well Files and Post on a Map, article



FME World Tour 2015 (Cambridge)

 Simple Workflow to Populate PPDM Tables from Well Files and Post on a Map, presentation



Esri Petroleum Conference (Houston)

 Simple Workflow to Populate PPDM Tables from Well Files and Post on a Map, presentation



postGIS Day (London)

 Global point & vector maps on steroids, OSGEO UK presentation at British Computer Society



Anthropocene Review

 Map stories support fact-based public discourse in climate change, peer-reviewed paper



PETEX poster session (London)

 Geoportals: enhancing prospecting in a new era



OpenWare (Esri Kuwaiti Distributor)

 ThinkGIS Newsletter guest article "A word from an OPENWARE GIS Expert"



FindingPetroleum/Digital Energy Journal

 Better Metadata for GIS, scan and original (enter: 27 in PDF bottom page counter)



PPDM, User Group Meeting, London

 Web 1-2-3 for Petroleum, presentation and agenda



Finding Petroleum, January Conference, London

Web 1-2-3 for Petroleum, presentation and agenda



Andrew Zolnai Blog, ongoing

 A blog on GIS and the Web in Petroleum Geosciences, continuing topics below for example here



Global Capital Magazine, Technical Focus, October 2008

 Taking advantage of geography to maximise decision making and performance, reprint



European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, Vienna

 Sharing Geospatial Data and Applications, invited presentation and paper



Public Petroleum Data Model meeting, Houston

 ESRI Data Modeling for Petroleum, PPDM presentation from ESRI website



Geospatial Information and Technical Association, Houston

 Standards and Metadata - Part IV, draft presentation and paper from Proceedings CD



Joint Petroleum / Pipeline Data Modelling, Houston

 Standards and Metadata - Part III, presentation PPDM/PODS meeting from APDM website

2002 - 2004


Various data modelling

 Standards and Metadata, Part I, Part II GITA meeting talks from ESRI(Canada) website



Geological Society of America meeting

 Geological Data Models and Cordilleran Geology, draft manuscript from ESRI website



Mentoring mining and petroleum students

 GIS for Subsurface Modelling, draft manuscript from ESRI website

2003 - 2005 


Touch Oil and Gas magazine

Geographic Information - the Technological Advantage, paper

Enterprise Systems from the Ground UP, paper all go to TO&G website

Critical Activities Coordinated across the Enterprise, paper



ESRI ArcUser, October-December 2002

 The Second Revolution (with Jim Baumann), article



Landmark Solutions

 Unocal reduces risk, cycle time in Brazilian bid round, paper



GIS World magazine

 Beyond GIS/GPS - trends in spatial data handling, paper



CADalyst magazine

 The GISt of Map Databases, paper



MGUS'87 "Emerging Concepts"

 New Microcomputer Database System for Maps, paper




 Peer-reviewed papers in Structural Geology

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