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Geographic Information Workflows




Note: Arc Explorer is now a modern Win10/iOS/Android app linked in text below.


  • This CLIWOC dataset was posted on the internet as early as 2002
  • This tabulates some captain's ship's logs for the period 1750 to 1850
  • They document the fascinating voyages of exploration in that period
  • Products such as Arc Explorer allow you to map these for free
  • That is a web service that uses your computer as a web client

This compared ESRI's File Geodatabase and Google's KMZ file formats, against their respective web viewers: The CLIWOC dataset has almost 290,000 points, and is almost 250Mb Geodatabase. The location parameters were extracted into a File Geodatabase and compressed to 10 Mb. These are displayed by 25 year time-slices and for Captains Cook and de la Perouse. This file geodatabase is easily downloaded and consumed by ArcGIS Explorer. For comparison, a KMZ file was exported directly from the ESRI MXD file.


  • Unzip: CliwocExports.gdb.zip into a local folder called: CliwocExports.gdb
    - click: Save As a local file, an unzip it to that folder on your computer
  • Install ArcGIS Explorer from the web link here
  • In ArcGIS Explorer main menu, select: File then: Open
  • Select the icon: File Geodatabase on the left hand banner
  • Navigate to the folder you just created: CliwocExports.gdb
  • Select the file: CliwocExports.gdb within it
  • Select one of the layers within it, say: delaPerouse
  • Follow the rest of the instructions in ArcGIS Explorer
  • See the end of de la Perouse's voyage off Australia's east coast:

Capt. de la Perouse's  ships - the Astrolabe and the Boussole - disappeared without trace offshore Australia.
His original intent was to claim it for the French king, and he almost took a young Napoleon as his surveyor...
Think of the consequences had Napoleon died young!

From: Die verschollenen Schiffe des Laperouse (The lost ships of Laperouse), Hans Otto Meissner, C. Bertelsmann (1984)


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Last modified: 21 Mar 2016