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Petroleum Information Workflows



Your top management

Three effective ways to get top-down buy-in are to:

  • give management a compelling financial scenario
  • make it accessible to all your key decision makers
  • provide them with statistics that are hard to find

  • Pipeline ROI example

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    How can you distill the power of the desktop and the extent of the browsers into something your decision-makers cannot live without? Dashboards are a customized Windows desktop that puts the most-needed information at your fingertips. Here are two mock-ups showing how GIS can be added too:


  • Microsoft-based:

  • Google-based:
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  • Google searches for three industries of the word "GIS" - excluding the word "jobs" to gauge interest in GIS use itself - then excluding the word "US" to gauge that the rest of the world.
  • The US portion can be subdivided in similar categories of anticipated workforce growth from the US Department of Labor.
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