Into the distant hills
Past Elysium fields
A young spirit will soar
As all our hearts are sore
We fondly reminisce
A life so quickly passed

He was barely a teen
Yet near and far have seen
That time does not await
For us to become great
Behold yon' heart of gold
The whole world should be told

Behold his mother too
For she's truly a beaut'
See her inside and out
And there will be no doubt
For she gives of herself
Ne'r less hundred percent

And the doctors who helped
Perform miracles yet
Mother nature reclaimed
Her own to sacred place
So now we must all grieve
And celebrate a life

A life however short
Is truly some precious
Gift to us all the world
And let no one refer
To such a miracle
As nothing less than great

His mark will stay with us
We must honor his past
And we must also move
Gladly into future
To celebrate in peace
His short companionship

In memory of a dear friend's son