translation of original


See the starlings at dawn
Willows sway in the breeze
Sunshine beyond mountains
Your hope delights the world
Your thoughts fly in the clouds
Your acts will plow our earth

Poet, leader, dreamer, actor
Engage, do not languish
For those so well endowed
What do they know of Man
Do they know our desire
Faith, happiness, sorrow, hope, hurt

They shape our thoughts, act
Unconsciously - we must
Grab all ' them by the horns
Overcome our distress
Then will you walk so tall
And proud that all will follow you

"Ophelia, walk with me
I know I have nothing to say
You are an old friend, as
You are, slip into the beyond
My feelings disappear
Like old friends in the mist"

But in the street,  corridors of
Power  where the world turns
There is no time to walk
It's our joy must take them
By surprise, and launch them
Toward their hidden hopes

Go march then where you wish
Street, office, commune or business
Wherever you inspire
Give that push, contradict
Apathy, unconscious
Where status-quo will imprison

Inspired by: Sing or Die, 1989, by: Courage of Lassie from Vancouver, Canada.

The poem Ophélie (with an e) was, however, written by Arthur Rimbaud in 1870.