~ NEW YEAR 2007 ~

Walk down alone a country lane,
night awash in moonlight, muted
by clouds above, willow silhouettes
line the ditches, dark solemn guards
spiky branches crown stocky trunks
stand silent, stiff breeze whistles thru -
these willows do not sway or bend,
neither will gales uproot them soon

Follow white line along road's edge,
puddles glint in the light, reflect
distant headlights approaching fast,
car whizzes by and disappears…
I avoid it, trip in the ditch,
see life flash by, get up, catch breath,
brush muddy hands and scraped knee,
figure God's not yet called on me

I am indeed a wanderer,
walking thru life still looking for
happiness I cannot muster,
whether inside me or outside -
family, friends, counselors, work -
generational improvement
means at least I ask questions now
that others will not frame or pose

I have lived on four continents,
call one home, other my landfall -
voted only once, what is home?
three socialistic countries, one
at war, one dominant, all struggl’
to globalize - global warming -
will we ever stop playing God
at the expense of all the poor

Been 'round the globe twice by age ten,
wanderlust gone when but a teen -
new years eve fifty years ago
fled Budapest, born in Vienna -
first decade France, Algiers and Oz,
next two decades in Canada,
next decade in the U S A,
now in Britain near family.

A puzzle fits well together,
but to stop it falling apart
for certes that is no small matter!
Some pieces big, some pieces small,
fit big ones first then smaller ones -
distractions and distresses will
only confuse without support
such as I found co-counseling

Look in your heart, take ownership,
seek your own roots and your own route,
do not ride into the sunset -
we're all hooked like Velcro (in French:
nous sommes tous des atomes crochus)
to that vast tapestry of life -
space, time and spirit, mystical
blend of the known and the unknown

So tell me friend or foe, on this
dusty road straight as dust devils,
do you stand by me or against?
Both ways can we be allies, and
avoid that age old trap of dif-
fering viewpoints - they need not suc-
cumb to each other, but rather
build bridges of diversity