the Original and in French

My name is Maria de Luz
Thousand years cradle to grave
Thousand voice(s) I have in my soul
Are songs on wings of my youth

I am of strangers' hands
my children don't know of me
Hidden in neighbor(hood) of Americans
I keep to my suffering

Here in this noisy plant
my fingers apply their good
I don't think of home or future
Content myself with what I'm giv'n

Here in the kitchen
in this city (where) I am
what complicated names they give
to the tacos of my home

Laughter and also sadness
the life up north gives me
the dreams that I carry with me
perhaps someday will come true

Remember little ranch (and) livestock
smiles and pride of yesterday
My little altar salty with tears
for all (the) Marķas we must be

I pray to my mother the earth
To life and to liberty
I look for my sister justice
peace, culture and happiness


ta da - ta da ta ta da
ta da - ta da ta ta da
ta da ta ta da ta ta da
ta da - ta da ta ta da