~ Let me tell You the ways ~

Let me tell you the ways I love you, miss your smile
Your caress and your warmth in the quiet evening
And as the crickets sing, the June bugs hum away

I see you walk along in my dreams as I toss
And turn in empty bed, what are you longing for
As you gaze in distance, is that a tear I see?

I hear you voice call me in the distance afar
It recedes then echoes, what are you telling me?
Then a song rise’ and fall in ghostly lullaby

I wake to see your smile, and thank God you are here
Never I’ll want to leave, always stay by my side
And hand in hand we’ll walk to distant melody

I want to spend the rest of my days with you dear
Grow old and look into the horizon, feel the
Wind on our cheek, as our souls drift in dawn of time

For time is all we have, all and nothing is wealth
All else ephemeral that comes and goes
As wisps we cannot grasp, only our love will stay

God only knows how we can grasp that which does not
Belong in earthly realms, when all that’s eternal
Can be ours forever, only open our souls

Open to the music, let the drum sing and dance
Our bodies sway and prance, our voice rises above
The din of our distress and worldly worries all

As Petra smiles and plays, dances the pas-de-deux
All in a distant dream only her inner eye can see
Or practise the keyboard, or read or rage or cry

She will stir up our fears, memories and dreams lost
But she is not the cause, we are our only cause
Our own source of despair or joy as we see fit

So let us not drift through life unconscious, and shake
Those old ghosts that haunt us! Let us support each oth’
And be allies as we renew our vows to life

For you and I have something that is so special
That we struggle, enjoy, lose and hold on, but on-
-ly together can we soar in our love for life