~ I-10 ~

gaze at that elevated ramp, lived
a few blocks south of same freeway
now east of LA, then inside Houston
how many lives, how many songs
strung out on that long long ribbon
that interstate of mind

I-10, me then and now -
sometimes you need to go back
to where you came from -
tried twice to go back
to ye olde continent
close to parents and siblings
one set close, one set far
some close even far apart
(depression is the silent killer
buries the mind way before the rest
parenthesis of life, full stop of mind
empty paragraphs await pen stroke...)

I-10, me then and now -
other times you need to go
where you never have been -
a wonderful powerful young one
where will she take us next?
a new house not yet found
a job with an outlook, a plan!
her next career after the littl'un
where are we goin' on this desert highway
entire-state of mind, blinded by the sun
hot wind, cool breeze, cricket - tree, frog - ditch
interstice of mind crackling with ideas

I-10 un-to the end of the world -
keep feet on ground, eyes on horizon -
guard that vision, let none rattle
your instinct with their distress!
shaman, hear the echo within
not the noise: I-10, I am