~ Neil Gaimania ~

The dark solitude of the mind
Never ever rests for the kind
The cruel will forever prowl
A hidden face in a monk's cowl

Yet flick a light or beam a smile
And the habit will simply fly
Solitude's but an illusion
The world's distress relies upon

Explore those dark, dark recesses
Let neither prince nor princesses
Of your own imagination
Distract from your one possession

Your heart and mind are yours alone
For others will come and be gone
And you will hold an empty bag
That only you can fill or drag

It's up to you to keep it light
Let yourself be free as a sprite
Crossing over those feared thresholds
That frighten only those not bold

For if you never take a chance
Will you lose out on every dance
The pas de deux of Good and Bad
No paradox? Isn't that sad!

Inspired by Neil Gaiman's prose and poetry www.neilgaiman.co.uk