hanging of australia's last man in 67
guillotining in france in 75
prison industry in texas
death row industry in texas
execution for robbery
execution of foreigners

our behaviour is NOT our selves
one reflects the distress of the day
the other our inherent nature
and women, children, elderly, handicapped, poor
we are powerful beyond imagining

how can one punish, let alone execute, behaviour
what about legalized narcotics
like sugar, fat, alcohol and tobacco
kids running free after school because mum&dad both work
mum or dad aren't home, neither gramps nor siblings
so they dose on tv shoot-outs and gangsta-rap radio

nuclear family and white picket fence
keeping up with the joneses
everyone buying their own house, car, washer
no one sharing a ride or an evening together
everyone slouched in front of their tv
one person each in a million cars

let's not create criminals to start with
let's not isolate and think it's ok
let's not act out on others unawares
let not sex, money, guns and drugs look cool
let's not accept lying ads and misleading news

let us reach out and touch someone
let us be healthy role-models by simply being
let us speak the unspeakable
let us act intelligently and think before be 'brave'
let us be a leader but not in isolation
let us all have a vision beyond today

Inspired by a letter correspondence with a death-row inmate, via now-defunct www.deathrowspeaks.net