~ Lago Como ~

Return to the lake on Easter
Crowded like an anthill in the
Warm spring sunshine, I head up the
Road, follow local custom and
Turn off medieval village
Blevio nestled in eastern shore
Visit' by emperors, writers
And musicians of yore, I feel
The ghost of history whisper
Cross the secret passage to the
Old church and the port so quiet
Off season, wysteria abloom
Quiet yet busy on the road
Look toward Bellagio, walk back
To Como, road hugs the mountain-
side, "alpine hunting region" says
A roadsign, motorbikes whizz by
Walk down the steps with mountainbikes
Past the fountain and angry swans
Back to the train into Milan
Mourning the dead of L'Aquilla*
Just before Easter celebrate
Renewed life and sunshine
Swallows flying by high  

*: earthquake in the Abruzzi mountains of central Italy on the Monday before Easter, Good Friday saw a national outpouring of grief, not only for the 300 dead and many destroyed buildings, but also the ruined churches and monastery integral parts of local culture