This is not the last song oh ho
Oh Only if you make it so1
Louis Adamic dreamer of
Unions in LA's old harbor2
The Independent speaks against
Distorted news on Palestine3

How will truth speak up in face of
Racism, discrimination
If we'll not keep minds crystal clear
Feel the fear, do it anyway4
Lest we fall and divided stand
Who is terrorist, anyway?

Drop out of ' head into our heart
Feel that rhythm come up above
Drummer dancer circle the fire
Inner side bright outer side dark
Eternal motion of the stars
Around so many many suns

Come away oh human child5
Let your breath wash us in the dark
Let your smile brighten up our day
Wash out sorrow, splash up a joy
Fight every step our old pretense
We will break thru ye olde defense

1: Björk, Dancer in the Dark, New Line Cinema, 2000
2: Mike Davis, City of Quartz, Verso Publication, 1990
3: Robert Fisk, speech, UCLA campus, 13 April 2002
4: Susan Jeffers, book with same title, Ballantine, 1988
5: Loreena McKennitt, Elemental, Quinlan Road, 1985