~ San Donato Milanese ~

At the corner of Monte Grappa
And Via Emilia a corner park
Monte Rosa blush in the sunset
Families and dogs around and caper
Old men smoking, ladies chatting
While I listen to my iTunes
Rory Block and southern blues in
Northern plains of Lombardy

Weekend stroll above funicular
San Brunato high above Lake Como
Snowy peaks peeking in the haze
Train clatters downhill as I gaze
At Milan's outskirts and high-rises
Boy and girls chatter on mobiles
Italian Arabic all sounds the same

Why do we kill in name of race
When we are really all the same
I love travelling far and wide
To hear and see and feel and smell
Our variegated tapestry of life
To go and see and be with them
Is best to fight isolation
Narrow-mindedness and racism

Inspired by a walk in the park of the outskirts of Milan IT, where I worked the spring of 2009